Enabling enhanced communication with partners and customers is an important element for increasing the speed of doing business. Faster communication leads to quicker turn-around time, which leads to shorter transaction times.

With enhanced business productivity enabled through Skype for Business federation, sharing too much information can put your business at risk from liability and corporate espionage.

Allowing unrestrained access to your users from federated partners at best can diminish productivity and at worse, lead to breaching of your network and funneling confidential corporation information out of your organization.


Enforcing a communications policy to prevent such risks becomes an essential measure in securing your corporate assets. The Security Federation Filter is designed to enforce granular control of communications with federated parties.

The Federation Protection provides the following 4 features:

  • Presence control
  • Modality restriction
  • disclaimer disclosure
  • data loss protection

Presence control prevents federated users from seeing the presence of your users unless explicitly granted. Internal users grant access to their presence by adding the federated user to their contact list.

Modality control enables administrators to restrict which modalities (IM, audio, video, file transfer, application sharing) are permitted between internal users and federated partners. This granular level of control can be applied at the individual user level, AD group level or SIP domain level.

Disclaimers can be added to the start of a new IM conversation for both the internal user as well as the federated party.

Data loss protection scans all outgoing messages for policy violation. If an outgoing message is determined to violate corporate compliance, it is reported and can be blocked. An audit trail is recorded in the Security Filter Manager.

Key Benefits

  • Control how you share presence information
  • Restrict modalities at individual or group level
  • Scan and block IMs based on regular expression rules
  • Filter out internal IP addresses at the protocol level
  • Apply policies to online meetings

Centralized Management

The Security Federation Filter and Security Sync Filter are integrated with the Security Filter Manager. The Security Filter Manager provides centralized logging and administration, making it simpler for administrators to manage all your Security Filter instances.