Nothing is worse than to get an emergency call at 2am to find out that your Skype for Business servers suddenly stopped working. In a panic you frantically go about troubleshooting the issue. You review the server event logs, examine SIP traces in snooper, search the Web for help.

After several hours of investigation, you come to find out that your server's certificate expired. The fix takes less than 30 minutes to resolve, and you save your organization. You vow to find a solution to avoid this problem in the future.

This is where the Certificate Alerter solves this problem. It alerts you before your Skype for Business server's certificate expires so you can take proactive action before the situation escalates into a crisis.

Key Benefits

The advanced version of the Certificate Alerter provides the following additional features:

  • Easy to configure

  • Supports German, French and English Windows OS

  • Runs as a Windows service

  • Graphical user interface with powerful filtering options

  • Filtering based on certificate templates (i.e. Web Server certificates)

  • Requester information

  • Monthly email summary report


This blog on Microsoft's NextHop provides more details.

The following screenshots illustrates the usability of the Certificate Alerter.