Publishing your Skype for Business servers to the Internet through your reverse proxy allows users to connect from any device they choose. This creates a proliferation of devices that expose unmanaged and untracked endpoints into your network. This can lead to leakage of information all the way to hackers accessing your network through this endpoint connection.

Key Benefits

The Security Authorization Filter protects your network by controlling and managing which Skype for Business Mobile devices are allowed to connect to your network:

  • Multi-factor authentication by registering a Skype for Business Mobile client to a single user

  • Only registered devices can connect to your Skype for Business infrastructure

  • Simple and intuitive registration process for users


Skype for Business Mobile devices must register with the Security Authorization Filter before users are authorized to gain full access to your Skype for Business infrastructure.

Registration is performed by the Security Filter Manager sending a one-time registration code to the user by email. Upon signing in to their Skype for Business Mobile client, the user is automatically prompted to enter their one-time code by the Security Authorization Filter.

Registered mobile devices are paired to a single user. Only the registered user can connect from that specific device. Should another valid user attempt to connect to your Skype for Business, the Security Web Filter will block access.